Saturday, 8 December 2012

Finals of 2012

let's have a round-up calculation on this year.

better in work place. CHECKED!
be a better and organized person. CHECKED!
mental strength of handling stress. NOT TOO BAD =)

well all these can't compared to this 1 thing.
i lost a relationship with someone i cared and loved most.

well im not too sure weather you're reading this or not.
but.. like i always told u last time.
i will make it better, counter it and compromised all problems that we have
just to be with you.
you have my words for it.
knowing it's unfair for myself, but i still want to work this out with you.

from this very moment,
even every time i start up my laptop,
weekdays after 6pm,
hanging out with my friends,
i always have these question in my mind.

what you doing now?
getting any better in life,
did u still thinks bout our problems on how to do it?
do you miss me?
do u still love me?

if so, why don't you gimme a call to ease your emotion?
cos i always misses you.
and i still very loved you and wanna do more for our relationship.

sometimes wanna tell you that, it's ok to be weak.
then at this time, you will find true strength
people that can really really help you along, other than God.

is all these a sign?
sign of: i shall let you go?

Saturday, 7 January 2012

suddenly feel like writing one after all these while

you might not see this post, as MIGHT NOT still has the possibilities to saw it.

when you saw this, we MIGHT still together, but i have a high possibilities that we probably end our relationship already.

well whatever it is, im just wanna say:

all these while, with you around my side
is the happiest moments that i experienced ever
thanks for giving me a chance to love you
and by having you, only i knew that i can sacrifice so many things for people
you raised up all my senses of treating everyone equally
and most all, treating you better than everybody

with this, only i know...
last time i was always alone
doing things all by myself
but with you
you are the source of my will
accompany by my side to give me strength, power and determinations

these years with you around my life
i learned alot
i don't know how long more we can sustain now as now things changed drastically
i just wanna say:
thanks for your presence in my life
and i hope that we will be better in future
if we do beak up in the end
i hope that you will find someone that is even better than me
you deserves this privilege
and sorry for not being the best that you want me to be

Friday, 15 July 2011

time flies, and now is already at the middle of July..

many things happened in this very month..
most recent ones is our forst ever class trip, where i experienced~

- first time in flight
- first time tasting bak kut teh outside of Klang.. it was superb by the way~~ xD
- first time watching sunset from East Malaysia. 1 word to describe. stunning
- first time to see a fatso transsexual did the most annoying moan at the middle of night
- first time to interact with a Korean that can speak dang good Mandarin
- first time eaten very good seafood at the cheapest price i ever paid for it. RM 70
- first time drinking with my classmates

on top most all, this is the first time i feel that we had a wonderful time together
thanks to Wilson, Juf, Alia, Lisa, Rahim and Dan, for this wonderful trip.
cheers guys!!!

Monday, 16 May 2011

sometimes.. just cant describe in words for what we're facing now
sometimes, i just cant afford to nag on you again
sometimes, im just restless to seeing these again
sometimes, i think probably you do still enjoys more with them compared to me
sometimes, you will just forget what i said and remember everything they said
sometimes... im just hard to put all these in words

what i can do now... theres only one
that is just being supportive

care lesser bout' you
less to know what you're doing
and dont ever nag on you no matter what
weather im disappointed on something, angry or just fucked up on things again

im just too tired to entertain this anymore
is it possible that they just vanish from my life?
i don't fucking think so..
even till now.
3 days of hardship...
3 days of rushing
and now its finally done...
well, it's not my stuffs by the way..
im helping her out on her coursework. =)

it's good to rely on someone just to let he/she knows that
you need someone to cared of.
and this is what we did for last 3 days. helping out each other
i have a strong believes on this principle
'you scratch my back, and i will do the same to you' =)

these 3 days of helping you to rushing your assignment
we made it very enjoyable
and im glad that im able to help you out..
but don't know why...
i got a feeling that im did it wrongly..
hope it's not... >.< *cross finger

Thursday, 12 May 2011

quick update before i head to bed

happy 2 1/2 year anniversary, to my dearest Esther Leong!!

wish our love still this firm and strong till...
well i have no idea till when..
but im hope that we do happy whenever we're together

i love you!!

Friday, 6 May 2011

it's May now..

and today we're had a small quarrel at afternoon
that makes me moody whole day during other half of the working hours..
well im glad within 2 hours we're ok
and im touched when you apologize to me
and you also accept the flaws that i can't changed till now..
that is always ngam you..

somehow i really hope that you understands my efforts to you
sometimes i just hate myself cos i always make you moody
cos of this weakness in myself

but im glad that i did endured till last minutes before i burst out..
compared last time, this is way much better in managing this
hope that i will be better and better in handling this matter!

in a relationship
relying on each other is a way to express yourself
to the person that you cared most.
by that, your partner knows how to treat you better
and you also can treat your partner even better than you used to be =)

today the office was so quiet since she left.
all the best in your new work place, and we will always miss your presence