Saturday, 8 December 2012

Finals of 2012

let's have a round-up calculation on this year.

better in work place. CHECKED!
be a better and organized person. CHECKED!
mental strength of handling stress. NOT TOO BAD =)

well all these can't compared to this 1 thing.
i lost a relationship with someone i cared and loved most.

well im not too sure weather you're reading this or not.
but.. like i always told u last time.
i will make it better, counter it and compromised all problems that we have
just to be with you.
you have my words for it.
knowing it's unfair for myself, but i still want to work this out with you.

from this very moment,
even every time i start up my laptop,
weekdays after 6pm,
hanging out with my friends,
i always have these question in my mind.

what you doing now?
getting any better in life,
did u still thinks bout our problems on how to do it?
do you miss me?
do u still love me?

if so, why don't you gimme a call to ease your emotion?
cos i always misses you.
and i still very loved you and wanna do more for our relationship.

sometimes wanna tell you that, it's ok to be weak.
then at this time, you will find true strength
people that can really really help you along, other than God.

is all these a sign?
sign of: i shall let you go?

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